Friday, March 16, 2007

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"little Johnny's" online

From comments:
little Johnny said... There are a number of people, both here and in the press, who keep dragging "little Johnny," a graduating senior, along with his family, into this mess. After enduring the callous, condescending remarks, and lack of common courtesy, Little Johnny woke up this morning and got his blog on!


Hey Dr. Cleveland, Sports Illustrated said:

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1 Yankee Stadium

2 Augusta National

3 Michie Stadium

4 Cameron Indoor Stadium

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6 Wrigley Field

7 Roland Garros

8 Lambeau Field

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10 Saratoga Race Course

11 Pebble Beach

12 Wembley Stadium


14 Boston Marathon Course

15 Camden Yards

16 Lamade Stadium

17 Daytona International Speedway

18 Notre Dame Stadium

19 St. Andrews

20 Rose Bowl

Others mentioned in no particular order,


Boston Garden
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Memorial Stadium
The Melbourne Cricket Ground
The Palestra
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The Maracana Stadium
Lord's cricket ground
The San Siro
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LSU Tiger Stadium
Beaver Stadium
Allen Fieldhouse
Jordan-Hare Stadium
The Forum
Mile High Stadium
Tiger Stadium

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News Coverage

KOAT-TV coverage - Rio Rancho graduation moving from its original venue at THE PIT. There's a short commercial right before the main story.

The FIRST STORY click here.

The SECOND STORY, click here.

The THIRD STORY click here.

The FOURTH STORY click here

The FIFTH STORY click here

KRQE their FIRST STORY click here

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Cary J. Schwanitz
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Rio Rancho Graduates Deserve Better

2006 graduate and local women understand the situation better than the school administration:

April 9th school board meeting, the Rio Rancho Journal -

Kristen Kenneth, a 2006 RRHS graduate, said before (superintendent) Cleveland made her statement that the class of 2007 should not be punished for what happened last year. Kenneth's boyfriend will graduate this year, but she probably will not be able to attend because of the limited seating.

"We sit here and talk about the community being in our district but you are not allowing the community to be involved because you are limiting the seats," she said. "This should not be about having it in Rio Rancho. It's about the students having their family and loved ones there. This is not right."



I am writing in protest of the Rio Rancho High School decision to move graduation to the Santa Ana Star Center. There was no notification to family members and some out of town siblings have already made non-refundable travel arrangements.

In our society, it is rare to find a family that can be accommodated with five or six tickets.

It is unfair to the graduating seniors for them to have to choose which family members to invite and which they must apologize to for a decision that was made by someone else.

Please help to rectify this situation by moving the event back to The Pit, where all of their loved ones can watch and celebrate one of their greatest achievements to date.

Thank you for your consideration.

Linda Guernsey

Email them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Whatever the merits of moving the Rio Rancho High School graduation ceremony to the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, the decision should have been made before rather than after families had begun planning.

Extended family members have already made travel plans and requested vacation times in anticipation of attending the ceremony for which they may not now get tickets.

It is apparent there was not enough public deliberation about this issue. A decision affecting the entire school population should have been discussed publicly so that all voices were heard prior to the decision, particularly since the number of seats available to family and friends of the graduates has been reduced by more than two thirds.